The Tennessee Star Has 3,000 Unique Visitors on Launch Day

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The Tennessee Star website had more than 3,000 unique visitors on Monday, the day we launched,” managing editor Christina Botteri said shortly after midnight after all the day’s results were counted.

“The remarkable thing about our traffic on launch day is that each visitor came back and visited different stories on the site several times during the day. The total number of page views and visits for Monday was well over 9,000,” Botteri added.

“That means people are very interested in the kinds of stories we are covering, and how we report on them,” she concluded.

Across Middle Tennessee, conservatives who have not had a reliable media outlet cheered the arrival of The Tennessee Star on the scene.

Every story on the website is free of charge to readers, a marked contrast to the policies of the dominant left-leaning newspaper in the Middle Tennessee area.

Botteri added that when people sign up on the site and give their email address, they are subscribing to the free Tennessee Star Daily email summary of important news, which will arrive every morning to set the tone for what’s on the news agenda in Middle Tennessee that day.

The Tennessee Star Facebook page also experienced great success on launch day, going from zero Facebook likes to well over 600 in less than 24 hours.

Similarly The Tennessee Star Twitter account went from zero to more than 70 followers on launch day.

“We beat our launch day projections by a factor of three,” Botteri said.

“It just goes to show that Middle Tennessee really wants an alternative source of news and information. We think The Tennessee Star is the media company that can do that. And Middle Tennesseans are telling us they agree with us,” Botteri concluded.



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