Judge in the Ninth Circuit Asks for Full Panel Vote to Reconsider Trump Executive Order Decision

The unconstitutional decision by a three judge panel of the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals to uphold Judge James Robart’s temporary restraining order halting the implementation of President Trump’s executive order on refugees and immigration may not stand. “A judge on this Court made a sua sponte request that…

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The Judicial Coup Against President Trump Proceeding As Planned

by CHQ Staff February 10, 2017 Reprinted with permission from As we predicted in our column “The Judicial Coup Against President Trump [29]” the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has left in place Federal Judge James’ Robart’s anti-constitutional order suspending President Donald Trump’s Executive Order No. 13,769 pausing immigration from seven terrorist hotspots. The Executive Order…

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Fifteen Federal Judges Have Been Impeached by the House of Representatives

Fifteen federal judges have been impeached since the Constitution was ratified in 1789, according to the Federal Judicial Center. Eight have been convicted, three have resigned prior to trial in the Senate, and four have been acquitted. The list includes one associate justice of the Supreme Court, thirteen federal district…

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