Latinos For Tennessee Praises Trump’s Reversal Of Obama’s Cuba Policy

Latinos For Tennessee is praising President Trump for reinstating travel and trade limitations on Cuba on Friday, overturning significant parts of former President Obama’s policy. Obama had lifted restrictions last year. Trump’s reversal will restrict tourism and ensure that U.S. dollars do not support the military conglomerate that monopolizes many…

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6 Reasons Why Less Is More for the Mature Fitness Athlete

As the owner of a fitness training and consulting company, and as a mature fitness athlete who has experienced numerous injuries (as well as surgeries), I’m painfully aware—pun intended—of many of the challenges faced by the seasoned fitness athlete. I’m also aware of how these challenges can bring out the best…

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EXCLUSIVE Scott DesJarlais Interview: ‘Going Forward, I Don’t Want to Confirm or Deny Whether I Carry Or Not’

Tennessee Star

Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN) tells The Tennessee Star in an exclusive interview Saturday morning, “Going forward, I don’t want to confirm or deny whether I carry or not.” The Star asked DesJarlais whether he currently has a permit to carry a gun. “I don’t have a carry permit,” DesJarlais says….

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Jim Devine, Democrat Strategist, Defends #HuntRepublicans Tweets After Scalise Shooting

A New Jersey Democratic strategist has refused to apologize for tweeting #HuntRepublicans and #HuntRepublicanCongressmen in the aftermath of Wednesday’s assassination attempt of Republican members of Congress. According to, Jim Devine has been involved in politics for 35 years and previously worked on campaigns for New Jersey Assemblyman James Kennedy…

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Bill O’Reilly Says GOP Shooting ‘Prophecy’ Came True; Gunman ‘Deeply Enmeshed in the Far Left’

Author Bill O’Reilly says he accurately predicted the kind of political violence that unfolded this week when an armed gunman attacked congressional Republicans in Alexandria, Virginia. The former Fox News Channel star told One America News Network’s Patrick Hussion Thursday evening that he made prophetic warnings months ago as activists…

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