Internet Goes Wild After Sean Spicer Resigns As Press Secretary,

Sean Spicer resigned Friday as press secretary to President Donald Trump. Spicer reportedly stepped down after opposing the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci as the administration’s new communications director. Spicer “vehemently objected” to Scaramucci’s appointment, according to New York Times White House correspondent Glenn Thrush. Trump asked Spicer to stay on…

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Trump Administration to Ban Travel to North Korea

The Trump administration Friday announced a travel ban on Americans visiting North Korea, citing the danger of arrests and mistreatment following the death of university student Otto Warmbier after imprisonment in North Korea. The decision comes amid heightened tension over nuclear-armed North Korea’s long-range missile tests, as well as Warmbier’s…

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OMB Director Mick Mulvaney Says Obama Had ‘Secret’ List of Proposed Regulations

White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney accused the Obama administration Thursday of keeping a “secret list” of proposed regulations during Mr. Obama’s eight-year regulatory onslaught against businesses, and touted President Trump’s rollback of more than 800 Obama-era rules and proposals. Of the 860 rules or proposed rules that the Trump…

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Scaramucci, Trump’s New White House Communications Chief, Has Voiced Support for Gun Control

Newly appointed White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci has voiced support on social media for “strong” gun-control laws, which would be a major departure from the positions of President Trump. After the Sandy Hook shootings at a Connecticut elementary school in December 2012, Mr. Scaramucci tweeted, “I have always been…

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Exclusive: Rep. Scott DesJarlais Calls for Full Repeal of Obamacare: ‘The Moment To Act Is Right Now’

Tennessee Star

In a press release issued Thursday, Congressman Scott Desjarlais (R-TN-04) said “We should keep our promises, not retreat when the moment to act is right now” and fully repeal Obamacare. DesJarlais supports the parliamentary procedure being used by the House Freedom Caucus to force a vote on the House floor…

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Sean Hannity to Interview Spicer, Scaramucci and Priebus on Fox News at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central, Tonight, Friday

It is what broadcasters call the “good get.” Fox News Channel’s prime-time anchorman Sean Hannity will feature separate interviews on Friday night with former White House press secretary Sean Spicer, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and newly appointed White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. The interviews cap off…

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