Commentary: Social Security Gender War Exposes Bureaucratic Bloat


Talk about a bureaucratic nightmare. Stacy Harp, who hosts Bible News Radio with her husband, Randall Harp, is just trying to transfer the Social Security payments for her father, Clayton Perrotte, from Florida to Tennessee. Sounds pretty straight-forward – yes? Well get this: Harp can’t get it done. Because somewhere along the line, somewhere in the…

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One thought on “Commentary: Social Security Gender War Exposes Bureaucratic Bloat

  1. Bruce

    Same thing happened to me, I work in city government. Somehow the health insurance got the idea I was a woman. For years I kept getting reminders every year to get my yearly check up at my gynecologist. I would show the fellows on my work crew the reminder letter, we would all get a chuckle, because it is well known how poorly our Human Resources Department treats us, this is just another example.