Commentary: Seven Republican Senators We Don’t Need, Including Lamar Alexander

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The whole problem with Obamacare repeal is not the repeal legislation – it’s the Republicans. It’s the Republicans who, for seven years, screamed “Repeal!” but now – now that they’re in a position to actually fulfill that dream, do nothing. In fact, some are even on a full steam march to oppose repeal efforts. That’s OK.…

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9 thoughts on “Commentary: Seven Republican Senators We Don’t Need, Including Lamar Alexander

  1. patrick Dougherty

    All seats in the House are available for the taking. Don’t you dare vote for somebody who is already in there. Patrick M. Dougherty. Patriots of the Republic of the USA

  2. patrick Dougherty

    Dear America. We have an Unprecedented opportunity here for US to Call TERM LIMITS on THE ENTIRE HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES…Very simply, RE ELECT NOBODY…EVER!!!! Thank you, Patrick M. Dougherty. Patriots of the Republic of the USA

  3. Susan E Gingrich

    I’m hearing there is momentum for Mark Green to oppose Corker in the primary. Both Corker and Alexander were complicit in allowing Obama to do the damage he did. Tennesseans deserve bolder and better representation in DC and Nashville!

  4. Jerry

    Alexander has been bought and paid for by someone. Who is it?

    As for Haslam in 2020, it makes me want to puke to think of that mealy-mouthed worm getting elected again.

    Let’s get the ball rolling by firing Corker this time.

  5. Sim

    I voted for Alexander once, the first time he ran, against him ever time since.

    Most of these “Business people” don’t “Think” or see the world as most people.

    Most have the finances to live in a totally different world.

    If people want government ran as they “See it”,

    Then they will have to elect people who “Think” and “See” the same world in which they exist.

    And no amount of “Campaign Promises” can change that fact.



  7. Stuart I. Anderson

    Lamar isn’t up for re-election until 2020, at which time he will probably hand his seat off to Haslam or a reasonable facsimile and we will be right back to Chamber of Commerce/Business Roundtable representation. Let’s use the energy being generated by our outrage over what happened this morning to productive ends.

    Corker is up in 2018 and he will hopefully have a conservative opponent. Diane Black will probably abandon her Congressional seat and her replacement by Judd Matheny is a conservative dream come true. The entire Republican Executive Committee is up for election which gives us the opportunity to close the Republican primaries so we don’t have the help of liberal Democrats in choosing our candidates. There is much to do in 2018, Lamar is yesterday’s failure, let’s prepare for tomorrow.

  8. Jim Forsythe

    Tennessee should be ashamed of Alexander! He is a democrat is disguise. He does not care about Tennessee or the people of Tennessee.

  9. Sherrie Orange

    The writer is exactly right. If you can’t keep your word, then we don’t need you in Congress any longer. It is now up to us to vote them out or we get the government we deserve.