Retiring Congressman John J. Duncan ‘Not For Tim Burchett’

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Since John “Jimmy” Duncan, Jr., the U.S. Representative for Tennessee’s 2nd Congressional District, announced his retirement from the seat he has held since 1988, two potential replacements have announced their intention to run, and Duncan will not be supporting one of them. Duncan told the Nashville Post, “No, I’m not for Tim Burchett,” referring to the Knox County Mayor who formally announced his candidacy two days earlier at the Vol. Market #3, following months of speculation and his “teasing” about what office he would pursue after being term-limited out of his current office.

Duncan went on to say, “Well, I really like Jimmy Matlock,” referring to State Representative Jimmy Matlock (R-Lenoir City), who beat Burchett to the punch by announcing his organization of a campaign to run for the 2nd District Congressional seat two days before Burchett. Matlock referred to Congressman Duncan as “my dear friend” in his official campaign statement.

Duncan stopped short of an endorsement for Matlock, saying, “I’m not endorsing anybody right at the moment,” taking a “wait and see” position.

While Duncan added, “Endorsements don’t mean a whole lot,” in a seat that has been held by “Jimmy” or his father, John Duncan Sr., since 1964, Duncan, despite some of the recent negative news reports, may be downplaying the influence his family name may have for whomever he decides to back.



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