Nashville Tea Party Asks Mayor Megan Barry to Provide More Details of Mass Transit Proposal

Tennessee Star

The Nashville Tea Party is calling on Nashville Mayor Megan Barry to release detailed plans for a tentative $6 billion regional mass transit project. Barry has said she will put a referendum on the ballot next year to raise taxes for the project, designed to be phased in over 25…

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Commentary: The Scandalous Truth About Obamacare Is Laid Bare

by Jeffery A. Tucker   It’s not just that Obamacare is financially unsustainable. More seriously, it is intellectually unsustainable, even though this truth has been slow to emerge. This has come to an end with President Trump’s executive order. What does it do? It cuts subsidies to failing providers, yes….

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Trump Headed to 5 Asian Countries Next Month

U.S. President Donald Trump is heading to five Asian countries early next month, looking to ramp up pressure against North Korea’s nuclear weapons development, but also promote American economic interests in the region. The White House said Monday that Trump’s trip from November 3 to 14 will include visits to…

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New York Times Admits the Obvious: Its Anti-Trump Bias

The snarky, anti-Trump Twitter feeds at the New York Times have finally been tamed. The Times, conceding reality, decided to update its social media policy on Friday, and posted an explanation to readers. “The new guidelines underscore our newsroom’s appreciation for the important role social media now plays in our…

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California Becomes First State To Legally Recognize A ‘Third Gender’

California became the first state in America to legally recognize a third gender after Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown signed the legislation Sunday. State drivers’ licenses, birth certificates, and other identity documents will now allow residents to check “non-binary” rather than just male or female, the Sacramento Bee reported Monday. The…

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President Trump: ‘There Is No Such Thing As Obamacare Anymore’

President Donald Trump said Monday that Obamacare is no longer the law of the land in the U.S. health care system. “There is no such thing as Obamacare anymore,” the president said in a cabinet meeting Monday, Bloomberg’s Jennifer Epstein tweeted. The president’s comments come one week after his administration…

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