Commentary: The Southern Poverty Law Center Has Lost Its Left-Wing Luster

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These are not happy times for the Southern Poverty Law Center, which doesn’t have a lot to do with the South, poverty or the law, and it thrives far from the center of the political spectrum. The center is mostly a cash machine, and it has raised hundreds of millions of dollars, mostly from well-meaning but…

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4 Thoughts to “Commentary: The Southern Poverty Law Center Has Lost Its Left-Wing Luster”

  1. Randall

    Doesn’t take much to get on their hate radar. A member of SPLC once called Nashville a “mecca for hate tourism.”Wow!

  2. Mberry

    My God. Look at that group of idiots in that picture.

  3. Susan E Gingrich

    Since the libs have their designated hate groups, I propose conservatives develop their list of dangerous groups and widely publicize it. I heard about quite a few to add to our list at the excellent TN Chapter of the Eagle Forum’s conference this past week-end. They are trying to destroy our state, especially its Christianity and conservatism. Throw out political correctness and fight back. I’ll start the list by adding the SPLC.

  4. The National Center for Life and Liberty (D. James Kennedy Ministries) is suing SPLC for including their ministry in its “Hate” map.