Charles Hurt Commentary: The Case for Roy Moore

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W hence goeth that Yellow Dog? Once upon a time, even a Yellow Dog could get elected in places like Alabama – so long as he was a Democrat. That dog done run off and nowadays a Democrat can’t hardly win, even when running against an accused pedophile. The accusations leveled against Alabama Judge Roy Moore…

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One Thought to “Charles Hurt Commentary: The Case for Roy Moore”

  1. Steve L.

    I do not find that ladies description of events when she was 14 years old the least bit believable. What I do find compelling to believe is that with 40 previous years to have complained, through Judge Moore’s many political battles, she remained silent. Judge Moore has 40 years living a life that reveals he is not a sexual predator. What has this ladies life revealed about her? We are country of laws and I weary of those who abuse our laws, both through commission and omission. There is an assumption of innocence until proven guilty. There is a Statutes of Limitations on most crime. We need more evidence beyond he said/she said about 40 year old memories. All those thoughts come to my mind. And that is enough for me.