Sen. Lamar Alexander Wants an Amnesty Immigration Bill Like the One He Voted For in 2013

Pro-American immigration groups want voters to tell legislators in Washington that no amnesty fix for illegal aliens whose parents brought them to the U.S. illegally and who later received deferred deportation under Obama’s unconstitutional DACA program can be considered, if at all, until after certain fixes are made to the immigration system. And the…

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Republican and Democrat Gubernatorial Candidates Weigh In On The Need For An Additional $72 Million For Memphis Regional Megasite Infrastructure

At the eighth annual South West Tennessee Development District (SWTDD) Legislative Luncheon held January 3, one of the topics discussed by the gubernatorial candidates in attendance is the need for an additional $72 million to address infrastructure at the Memphis Regional Megasite. The Memphis Regional Megasite is a 4,100-acre state-owned…

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As EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt is Reining in the Out-of-Control Radical Environmentalists

By Natalia Castro   The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been Republicans least favorite agency for quite some time. The Obama administration allowed the EPA to expand their influence far past nearly any other executive agency, imposing unprecedented regulatory burdens on the American people. Under the leadership of EPA Administrator…

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