Representative Jim Jordan Says the ‘Swamp Won’ on Spending Bill

Jim Jordan
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Rep. Jim Jordan says the swamp struck back with the passage of a massive budget deal that increases government spending by $300 billion. “I’m saying the swamp won and the American taxpayer lost,” Mr. Jordan, co-founder of the House Freedom Caucus, said on “Fox News Sunday.”

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2 Thoughts to “Representative Jim Jordan Says the ‘Swamp Won’ on Spending Bill”

  1. John J.

    And for the record, our very own wanna-be Governor, Diane Black bailed out, trying to hide her true beliefs, and recorded a “did not vote”. But we know her heart. The spending package had to have been being discussed while she was Chairman of the Budget Committee. Plus, she has supported every other omnibus spending bill that has ever crossed her desk. She’s a bonafide RINO!

    Thank God for Representative Jordan, and the House Freedom Caucus, including Tennessee’s very own Scott Desjarlais!

  2. 83ragtop50

    Representative Jordan is absolutely correct in his assessment. The GOP is full of two-faced RINOs and spineless pseudo-conservatives.