GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Lee Opens Campaign Headquarters in Franklin

Bill Lee

FRANKLIN, Tennessee–An overflow crowd of more than 200 supporters crowded into the new campaign headquarters of Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee in downtown Franklin on Monday night to celebrate its opening. The candidate delivered a speech to his home town supporters in which he indicated the campaign has entered a…

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Mayor Megan Barry Repeatedly Refuses to Answer Questions from WSMV Reporter About Taxpayer Resources Used to Send Her and Lover Rob Forrest On Luxury Trips

WSMV reporter Alanna Autler caught up with embattled Mayor Megan Barry to ask several questions regarding the possible misappropriation of taxpayer funds and other resources used to support and then cover up Barry’s years-long affair with the head of her security detail, Rob Forrest. Despite several attempts by Autler to…

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Mayor Barry’s Office Attempts to Explain ‘Computer Glitch’ Authorized by COO That Allowed Chief of Staff to Approve Bodyguard Lover’s Travel Under Police Chief’s Name

Three members of Mayor Barry’s staff and the department head of Information Technology Services are scrambling to explain just exactly how it came to be that travel by her security chief and lover, Sgt. Rob Forrest, was not authorized by Police Chief Steve Anderson, as documents the Mayor’s office gave…

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