Trump ‘Launching the Next Phase of America’s Economic Comeback’

President Donald Trump touted his $1.5 trillion investment plan to rebuild America’s “crumbling infrastructure” during a speech Thursday in Ohio, saying that his administration is “launching the next phase of America’s economic comeback.” Speaking to a crowd in richfield, Ohio, the chief executive said “Americans have watched as Washington spent…

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How Cambridge Analytica’s Facebook Targeting Model Really Worked – According to the Person Who Built It

by Matthew Hindman The researcher whose work is at the center of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data analysis and political advertising uproar has revealed that his method worked much like the one Netflix uses to recommend movies. In an email to me, Cambridge University scholar Aleksandr Kogan explained how his statistical model processed Facebook data…

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Six Cloud Types and the Weather They Forecast

by Hannah Christensen   Modern weather forecasts rely on complex computer simulators. These simulators use all the physics equations that describe the atmosphere, including the movement of air, the sun’s warmth, and the formation of clouds and rain. Incremental improvements in forecasts over time mean that modern five-day weather forecasts are as skillful…

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