Trump Administration Strikes Multiple Deportation Deals; What’s in Them?

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The Trump administration reports it has succeeded in reducing the number of countries that refuse to accept citizens deported from the United States. The administration says more than a dozen countries have been removed from the “recalcitrant” list. That opens the path for deportations to begin for some of the roughly 100,000 people from recalcitrant nations who have final orders of removal.

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One Thought to “Trump Administration Strikes Multiple Deportation Deals; What’s in Them?”

  1. Yes, voting for Trump was an act of resistance, But what Redbrick writes above is important and true, which is that Trump has nearly completely betrayed “resistance type voters. On the Wall, immigration, infrastructure, H1-B visas, on the pointless, budget-busting wars for foreign parasites, Trump is as bad or worse than his predecessors. No Wall. More immigrants coming in under Trump than Obama. He even lifted the cap on H1-B work visas for foreigners. No infrastructure work. ALL of the stupid Bush-Obama wars continue. Foreign parasites and their agents in DC are still dictating our foreign policy, including Trump family members. He”s so politically incompetent that he can”t even figure out how to stop immigration from the Middle East or how to deport significant numbers of the illegals already here. He even managed to give the courts a way to protect the DACA criminals. He”s a failure, even taking account of “because Gorsuch. And he himself now needs to be kicked out. We didn”t elect him for his braggadocio, narcissism, and personal foulness. We elected him to gut the Establishment and do what he said he was going to do. Instead he”s protecting and collaborating with the Establishment and screwing us. “Resistance voters now need to resist Trump at least to the same degree that we resisted Hillary, Mitt, Marco, or Jeb. best custom essay