Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Resigns In Aftermath of Extramarital Affair With Bodyguard

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Nashville Mayor Megan Barry announced her resignation at a brief press conference held Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. at Nashville City Hall.

The announcement came shortly after she pleaded guilty to felony charges of theft in a Nashville criminal court.

“Today is primarily about the smooth transition of power from my administration to that of Vice Mayor David Briley,” Barry said in a statement that lasted less than three minutes:


Nashville, with its boundless energy its infectious optimism . . . will in years ahead continue its steady march to the very top of the list of great American cities.

It’s a continued climb that I will watch, but I will watch as a private citizen.

Barry’s bodyguard and lover, MNPD Sgt. Rob Forrest, also faces criminal charges, apparently.

“Sgt. Forrest is being led into the Court House right now,” NewsChannel 5’s Phil Williams reported at 10:15 a.m.


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5 Thoughts to “Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Resigns In Aftermath of Extramarital Affair With Bodyguard”

  1. also hope being held hostage with high taxation is gone too.
    The sad thing is not what she be doing, but how the one-eyed blind folks rallied round her, in a lost cause, how sad.
    These folks be duped, sold soap for rock, they be disrespected.
    Fill bad bout her losing her child too, that’s bad.
    She needed to be removed from office too.

    Mom, told you it would happen too.

  2. Denny Phillips

    Great job covering this Tennessee Star.

    Crooks don’t get toppled without the help of honest media. You’ve done a true service for Tennesseans throughout the state.

    I’ll never forgive Mayor Barry for forcing thousands of Tennesseans to stand out in the cold during the President’s visit to Nashville. Truly classless.

  3. lb

    I watched–smug, arrogant with her trademark smirk firmly in place to the end. And what kind of person smiles in their mugshot? WOW-
    Now we need to get David Fox to jump into the race!

  4. Olivia

    She did not apologize.

    Not one apology to Nashville or her supporters in her resignation statement.

  5. Not My Mayor

    At least she’ll get to see the new jail.