State Rep. Mark White Breaks Promise to Committee Chairman on In-State Tuition Bill


Last year, State Rep. Mark White (R-Memphis) gave his word to House Education chairman Harry Brooks that he would not try to change state law that currently says taxpayer subsidized in-state tuition is a state benefit. White made that promise with regard to his bill HB660 which removed in-state tuition from the current state law definition of “state or local public benefit” so that it could be provided to illegal immigrants.

This year, White has broken that promise by filing a new bill, HB2429 which combines parts of the two in-state tuition bills he sponsored last year, including the section that would redefine “state or local public benefit.”

The first in-state tuition bill that White tried to pass last year, HB863, failed to pass the Education Committee in a close 7-6 vote.

White deferred his second bill HB660, to the current session. When White first introduced this bill in the Education Subcommittee, Chairman Harry Brooks questioned the section removing in-state tuition from being a state benefit as currently contained in state law. White gave his word that he would amend that section out if the bill was allowed to go before the full Education Committee.

The bill failed to pass the Education committee for lack of a majority on a 6-6 vote. Sensing that he could not overcome the required procedural hurdle to support a motion for the committee to reconsider their action on the bill, White elected to move HB660 bill to the 2018 session.

White’s Senate counterpart Todd Gardenhire is also committed to securing in-state tuition for illegal alien students even if it requires setting a precedent for providing state benefits to illegal aliens. This year, however, their companion bills are following a different course than in prior years.

Each of Gardenhire’s bills in prior years, have been passed first by the Senate Education Committee by a majority vote well before White has moved his bill through the House committee process and this year looked to be the same. Gardenhire’s bill, SB2263, was scheduled to be heard in the Senate Education Committee on March 7, but inexplicably, has been moved to the committee’s final calendar possibly signaling a shift in the Senate on the issue.

White’s bill is on the House Education Subcommittee calendar for Tuesday, March 13. This year’s White/Gardenhire bills are the broadest in scope of any they have filed trying to secure in-state tuition for illegal alien students.

White HB660 and Gardenhire’s 2017 bill which passed the Senate Education Committee are still pending although have not been scheduled for any further action.

Tennessee Star polling of likely Republican primary voters opposed to providing taxpayer subsidized in-state college tuition to illegal immigrant students increased between June to December 2017, from 84 percent to 88 percent–while support has decreased–from 11 percent to 6 percent.



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9 thoughts on “State Rep. Mark White Breaks Promise to Committee Chairman on In-State Tuition Bill

  1. Kalee

    That “shift in the Senate” is the 2018 midterm elections. The opposition’s campaign flyers would write themselves.

  2. Wolf Woman

    Wealthy elitist Todd Gardenhire and social justice conformist Mark White conspire to give our tax dollars to illegal aliens who are mostly young men.

    And their defense of this position is: ignorance? sheer stupidity? animosity toward the citizens of Tennessee? for votes from the legal and illegal communities? Pick one or however many you want.

  3. Bob

    This idiot has got to go. Somebody I am sure can find a scandal in him.

  4. Mark Skoda

    Just called the Chair, Harry Brooks, to state my opposition. We need to all call his office. Mark White is a liar and trying to play games here. You need to cite HB2429 and these pertinent sections which allow for illegals to get in state tuition rates. Don’t just sit and lament the fact that White is trying to pull a fast one! Harry Brooks 615.741.6879.

    (c) Each student granted the out-of-state tuition exemption pursuant to
    subsection (a) must sign an affidavit stating that the student is either a citizen or a
    lawfully present noncitizen, or, in the case of a person without lawful immigration status,
    that the student will file an application to legalize such student’s immigration status as
    soon as the student is eligible.
    (d) The exemption from paying the out-of-state tuition in this section affirmatively
    satisfies the express eligibility requirement of 8 U.S.C. § 1621(d).

  5. John Bumpus

    Maybe Tennessee needs to amend its State Constitution to include a RECALL provision to permit the removal by the voters of ‘unfaithful’ elected State officials, like a State Representative or a State Senator who breaks his/her major campaign pledge(s), or a Governor who lies to the voters in his/her campaign about some major issue(s), or a Mayor or a City Councilman or a County Official or a County Legislator who engages in ‘hanky panky’ that embarrasses his community even though no provable criminal offense may have been committed by that person.

  6. Lee

    Sadly this really doesn’t benefit anyone. We, the citizenry, get gouged for the money to pay, then we get gouged again when they learn organized anarchy and rebellion (destruction of property), and again as they march thru the streets giving us their filthy high signs and threats. All that ” kindness and love” returned in a shower of hate.

  7. Allen Barrett

    When the RINO’s gather with their democrat donkeys they combine to be real asses in their efforts to protect the illegals at the expense of the citizens. The only thing they seem to think citizens are good for is paying the bills.

  8. Kevin

    Interesting, two REPUBLICAN Tennessee legislators wanting to GIVE illegal aliens in-state tuition. Is this after they already get 2 years of free “Tennessee Promise”? Well, not yet, but once we do in-state tuition, next it will be TN Promise! Funny how these programs seem to come right out of the Obama playbook/wishlist!

    Where are the” Republican” leaders? Running rallies to elect more “Republicans”! Running to get elected to “higher” offices! Maybe even out there behind the scenes pushing for in-state tuition for illegal aliens?

    As Jerry Garcia once sang, “Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it’s been.”

  9. Steve L.

    Rep White is the new “Poster Child” for why no one trusts politicians. Their promises mean nothing. There is no integrity, no honor, no truth in the average politician. And they love helping folks that did not elect them by spending MY MONEY.