Despite Ranking 7th and 8th in World’s Largest Economies, India and Brazil Are Included in the U.S.’s Free-Trade ‘General System of Preferences’ Program

By Robert Romano   The past month has seen President Donald Trump significantly toughening up the U.S. stance on trade, enacting a 25 percent tariff on steel and 10 percent on aluminum and then $60 billion worth of tariffs against China for intellectual property theft and steel dumping. The month was capped…

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The Reason Why California’s Lawsuit Industry Wants You to Think Coffee Causes Cancer

by Walter Olson   A judge in Los Angeles ruled Wednesday that Starbuck’s, Peet’s, and many other retailers face potentially massive liability under California law for not warning consumers that naturally occurring substances in roasted coffee beans can cause cancer, at least in lab animals. Absurd? Outrageous? Yes. But the scorn and…

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