Sorry, Mark Zuckerberg — No Oval Office for You

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For years, the elites have mused that the co-founder of Facebook would run for president, but the table turned quickly against the Millennial face of the premier social media outlet after the most recent data scandal revealed the site was trafficking users’ personal information to political organizations.

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One Thought to “Sorry, Mark Zuckerberg — No Oval Office for You”

  1. Wolf Woman

    Facebook, google, youtube, twitter, all have reduced conservative voices on the web and assisted in draining their monetary streams to the point that they’ve ruined on-line businesses. But, hey. Zuckerberg and his comrades know you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

    Google has even gone after liberal and socialist websites in their totalitarian grab for power as information gatekeepers. The youtube shooter could tell you all about her video woes but she’s not available.