Study: Climate Change ‘Skeptics’ Are More Eco-Friendly Than ‘Alarmists’

by Jason Hopkins   A recently released study suggests those less concerned with climate change practice more eco-friendly habits than those who are more alarmed about the issue. In an April study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, University of Michigan psychology graduate student Michael Hall researched the behavioral differences between people…

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Culture of Corruption: ‘No-Bid’ Bond Sales Contracts Given to Firm That Employed Son of Metro Nashville COO Rich Riebeling

Riebeling and Briley

The culture of corruption that has permeated Metro Nashville Government for years revolves around Chief Operating Officer Rich Riebeling, the man who appears to be in control of all the reins of power, while Acting Mayor David Briley joylessly slogs through the ceremonial duties of his temporary job. On Monday,…

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