State Rep. London Lamar Wants to Talk to Gov. Lee About American Exceptionalism and ‘What This Particular Curriculum Looks Like’

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State Rep. London Lamar (R-Memphis) told WREG on Wednesday she wants to talk to Gov. Bill Lee about his promise that “In this state our children will be taught civics education, character formation and unapologetic American exceptionalism,” which he delivered in Nashville on March 4 at his State of the State address and later that week in Memphis in his State of West Tennessee speech.

“I want to have a conversation with the governor about what this particular curriculum looks like,” Lamar told WREG.

WREG coverage of the story seemed to come from a particular point of view:

But parents like Sharonda Walker have questions..

“Exceptionalism is a very strong term. It almost sounds elitist,” she said. “So we have to be careful as a country.”

The mom of six says there are issues both in the past and present that she hopes any new curriculum would still acknowledge.

“I had such a distorted view of history,” Walker said. “It wasn’t until I went to college that I started embracing history, that included people like myself. I thought, ‘Wow how did i miss all this?’”

Lamar generated international attention after she declared in November, shortly after her election to the Tennessee House of Representatives that “Tennessee is a racist state,” as The Tennessee Star reported:

… Lamar live streamed a 15-minute rant on Facebook and said, among other things, Tennessee is a racist state and full of uneducated Republicans. She also reprimanded white men for wanting to keep more of the money they earn and suggested allowing felons to vote will help elect more Democrats.

Lamar later said she merely summed up the thoughts and feelings of her constituents when she scolded white Tennessee Republicans as supposedly racist and uneducated. She removed the video from Facebook a few days later after it got international media attention she apparently didn’t want.

In January, as reported, the state’s Registry of Election Finance fined Lamar for filing her disclosures late. Lamar was originally supposed to pay $8,175 in fines, as registry officials decreed in November. Lamar reportedly told registry officials this was her “first rodeo.” But, because of her inexperience with such matters, registry officials reduced her fine to $300.

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5 Thoughts to “State Rep. London Lamar Wants to Talk to Gov. Lee About American Exceptionalism and ‘What This Particular Curriculum Looks Like’”

  1. […] State Rep. London Lamar, (D-Memphis) said virtually the same thing last fall, as The Tennessee Star reported. […]

  2. Wolf Woman

    It was American exceptionalism that gave London Lamar the opportunity to degrade American exceptionalism.

    Advice to Lamar: if you don’t like it here in the U.S. why don’t you go to Cuba or Venezuela where there’s no exceptionalism at all except for the power of the politicians?

  3. Ed Cuevas

    London Lamar is a perfect example of Lenin’s “useful idiot”.

  4. Kevin

    And I’m pretty certain that Governor Lee will have that conversation, he listens to everyone!

    But, isn’t this Representative an American? Based on my observations, she walks around acting and talking as if she’s exceptional. And I guess she probably is, she does represent 66K people, right! So, either she’s a walking talking contradiction, Or, could it be that this Representative’s middle name starts with the letter “O”? It would make sense! Tennessee would then have it’s own version of AOC, only ours would go by the moniker, LOL . Kind of fits right? :o)

  5. Mark L. Stevens

    London Lamar, right in the mold of the Obamas. The first time they were proud of their country was when he was elected President. I mean WWII was nothing, right? Three hundred thousand dead men and women sacrificed to save the world. Or putting men on the moon? Nothing to be proud about there. Or how about the billions of dollars spent helping poor people all over the world? Guess that’s just self serving crap? The United States, warts and all, is still the best hope for mankind on Earth, and is the best country on Earth by far! If you can’t see that then you are ignorant of history, and a real downer for the future of the U.S.A.