George Rasley Commentary: How And Why Virginia’s Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe Caused the Deaths of Three People In Charlottesville

by George Rasley Editor   “The police actually allowed us to square off against each other,” a Black Lives Matter protester told CNN. “There were fights and the police were standing a block away the entire time. It’s almost as if they wanted us to fight each other.” “Where…

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Conservatives Launch Campaign to Bolster Trump’s Judges, Pressure Democrats

Tennessee Star

Conservative groups announced a campaign Monday designed to pressure Senate Democrats to sign off on President Trump’s judicial nominees, saying this White House deserves a chance to fill the record number of vacancies remaining across the federal courts. The Judicial Crisis Network said it will spend $500,000 on digital ads,…

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Matt Schlapp: Left ‘Going Right After the Founders’ with War on History

Stewards of the National Mall announced that an exhibit adjacent to the Jefferson Memorial will soon include a plaque noting the Founding Father’s status as a slaveholder. In the aftermath of the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville on Aug. 12 that killed on woman and injured approximately 20 others, left-wing…

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White House Petition Asking Trump to Label Antifa a ‘Terrorist Organization’ Nears 200K

A petition urging President Trump to recognize Antifa – a left-wing, militant activist movement – as a terrorist organization has well surpassed the required 100,000 signatures for an official White House response. The “We the People” petition, created Thursday by someone of the name M.A., says Antifa’s violent actions in…

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The Polk Foundation Launches The Tennessee Star Constitution Project Featuring September 23 Constitution Bee for Students

  FRANKLIN,Tennessee – The Polk Foundation today announced the launch of their initiative to teach secondary school students the cornerstones of American liberty: the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and all the amendments. Dubbed The Tennessee Star Constitution Project, the effort includes: The publication and free distribution of an…

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