Tennessee Department of Children’s Services Opens New Investigation Into Abuse Claims At Brentwood Academy

  The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services has opened a new investigation into alleged rape and sexual abuse committed against a male student by other male students at Brentwood Academy. DCS spokesman Rob Johnson told The Tennessee Star the new investigation was opened based on new information the department received late…

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Carol Swain: Americans Must Reject Identity Politics And Multiculturalism

MURFREESBORO, Tennessee — Americans need to turn away from identity politics and multiculturalism and embrace an American identity, conservative writer and speaker Carol Swain said Tuesday at a Rutherford County GOP luncheon. That’s the only way our country can move beyond the conflicts we’re experiencing, said Swain, echoing a message…

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Russell Moore’s Latest Column On Race ‘Classic, Liberal Propaganda,’ Says Shane Kastler

  A pastor and writer in Louisiana is taking Russell Moore to task for his latest opinion piece in the Washington Post titled “White supremacy angers Jesus, but does it anger his church?” The piece was written in response to the violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday between white supremacists and…

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