Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Lee Meets With Franklin Graham At Clarksville Event

  Bill Lee, a Republican businessman running for governor of Tennessee, met briefly with Franklin Graham in Clarksville on Thursday to thank him for being an inspiration in his life. Lee and his wife, Maria, met with Graham on a tour bus for about 10 minutes to talk and pray….

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Franklin Graham Warns Clarksville Gathering About Compromised Christianity

  Our country is in trouble, and so are our churches. That was the message Franklin Graham delivered Thursday evening in Clarksville. He pulled no punches in describing how Christians have compromised with a corrupt culture instead of adhering to Scripture and being a godly influence. A pilot for many…

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Clarksville Crowd Eager Thursday To Hear From Franklin Graham

Tennessee Star

  Larry Rye remembers going to tent revivals when he was growing up in Clarksville. There aren’t many tent revivals anymore these days, so when he heard that Franklin Graham was coming to town, he jumped at the chance to hear the Christian evangelist speak. Rye and his wife, Nece,…

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Pentecostal Church in North Carolina Town Converted to a Mosque

  A former Pentecostal church in the small North Carolina town of Smithfield became a mosque on Saturday. Mosque organizer Ali Mohammad told the Raleigh News & Observer that there are plans for a worship and community center and a school. Smithfield is located in a rural county in the center of…

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