MyPillow’s Mike Lindell Helping Fund Conservative Movies in Hollywood

Minnesota businessman and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is trying his hand at Hollywood after investing $1 million in a new movie that offers a critical look at Planned Parenthood. The movie, titled Unplanned, had to be filmed in secret due to the sensitive nature of its subject, The Hollywood Reporter…

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OFF THE RECORD: Who Paid Expenses For Promoters of Nashville Police Oversight Board to Attend Organizing Conference in Florida?

At the end of September, “Community Oversight Now – Nashville,” the Coalition which succeeded in bringing the question of a civilian community oversight board to a referendum as part of the November 6 ballot, posted their travel plans for October. Some or all of the Coalition’s leftist member groups were traveling…

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Democrats Phil Bredesen and Karl ‘Marx’ Dean Have Close Ties to Soros-Funded Group Whose Leadership Is Working to Block Kavanaugh Confirmation

Phil Bredesen, Karl Dean

Audio captured from a July conference call shows the Soros-funded American Constitution Society for Law & Policy (ACS) Board member Ricki Seidman telling Democrat leaders in reference to Judge Brett Kavanaugh, that a “strategy that will emerge and I think it’s possible that that strategy might ultimately defeat the nominee.”    …

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Nashville Pro-Illegal Immigration Activist Lawyers Lose Deportation Case

On April 7, 2017, Nashville pro-illegal immigration activist lawyers Elliot Ozment, J. Gerard Stranch, IV, Tricia Herzfeld and Anthony Orlandi, sued Metro Nashville, Davidson County and its Sheriff Daron Hall, on behalf of Saudi national Abdullah Abriq, a student visa overstayer, and the “hundred and likely thousands of immigrants” subject…

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OFF THE RECORD: Memphis Barnes&Noble Stacks Books For ‘The Resistance’

Off the Record

The Barnes and Noble bookstore in Collierville just outside of Memphis proper, has a display of politically-themed books that screams “we support the resistance”!!!! FEAR, Bob Woodward’s questionable version of the Trump White House has been placed on the top shelf riser as a first view item. White House Press Secretary…

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Illegal Immigration in TN Increased During Karl Dean and Phil Bredesen Administrations

Estimates from both ends of the political spectrum on the issue of illegal immigration show steady and dramatic increases in the number of illegal aliens in Tennessee during the Nashville mayoral terms of Phil Bredesen and Karl Dean and during Bredesen’s two terms as the state’s governor. Bredesen served as…

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Africa-Based Cybercrime Conspiracy Busted For Stealing $15 Million From Memphis Businesses


Eight cyber-criminals have been arrested in an Africa-based “cybercrime and business email compromise (BEC) conspiracy” for stealing $15 million dollars related to real estate transactions from businesses and individuals in Memphis. Of the five cyber-criminals arrested in the U.S. three were citizens from Mexico, Ghana and Nigeria, and two were Americans. U.S. officials are…

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Eat Allah’s Food and Follow Islamic Sharia Law at Nashville’s New ‘Halal Guys’ Restaurant

Halal Guys

Following Islamic sharia law is now as easy as ordering a beef gyro at the new Halal Guys restaurant located in suburban Nashville. Started as a New York City hot dog pushcart Halal Guys has grown into a franchise business with locations nationally and internationally. The chain was founded by…

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Immigrant Voting Base Was Top Priority For Karl Dean When He Was Mayor of Nashville

Karl Dean

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Karl Dean placed a high priority on meeting the needs of “new Americans” during his two terms as mayor of Nashville. Speaking forcefully against an English-first proposal to launching programs like “MyCity Academy” and “Pathway for New Americans,” Dean looked for ways to politically capture the support of…

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Metro Council Moves Forward With Subsidized $275 Million Soccer Stadium

A Major League Soccer stadium planned for the fairgrounds in Nashville is closer to happening. The Metro Council voted 24-7 Tuesday on the second of three readings to move forward on the $275 million deal, The Tennessean said. The third reading is scheduled for Sept. 4. The vote was to demolish buildings…

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