Nashville Predators’ Endorsement of Acting Mayor David Briley ‘A Sleazy Quid Pro Quo’

David Briley and Sean Henry

The Nashville Predators’ unprecedented endorsement of Acting Mayor David Briley in this Thursday’s special mayoral election in Nashville/Davidson County is “a sleazy quid pro quo,” one long time Tennessee Republican political operative tells The Tennessee Star. The definition of “quid pro quo” is “something that is given or taken in…

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Pigs at the Trough: Many of Briley’s Donors Are Developers, Lobbyists, Lawyers, and PACs Who Benefit From Metro Nashville Business

David Briley

Acting Mayor of Nashville David Briley has raised more than $720,000 for his campaign to win the May 24 special mayoral election, according to two financial disclosures filed by his campaign with the Davidson County Election Commission for the period beginning March 8 and ending March 31 (when he raised…

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Acting Nashville Mayor Briley Conducts Town Hall About Political Issues on Taxpayers’ Dime Two Weeks Before Special Election, Claims It’s ‘Official Event’

NASHVILLE, Tennessee–Acting Nashville Mayor David Briley held a town hall at the Coleman Park Community Center which featured a number of questions on politically related policy issues from attendees on Thursday, paid for by the taxpayers of Nashville/Davidson County, just two weeks before the May 24 special Nashville mayoral election in…

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Swain Blasts Acting Mayor Briley: He ‘Mismanaged Funds in Times of Plenty,’ His Budget Is ‘Dependent on Property Sales That Don’t Have Council Approval’

Mayoral candidate Carol Swain came out swinging on Tuesday against Acting Mayor David Briley’s last minute proposal to come up with an extra $38 million shortfall in his proposed 2019 Metro Nashville budget by selling three existing properties currently owned by the Metro Nashville Davidson County Government. Swain’s campaign issued…

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Nashville Metro Council Member Angie Henderson Calls on Acting Mayor David Briley to ‘Break Cleanly from Hidden Deals of Dean/Barry Era’

On Saturday, Nashville Metro Council Member Angie Henderson (District 34) called on Acting Mayor David Briley to “restore trust in Government ASAP before May 24 election.” “He should break cleanly from the hidden deals/arrangements of the Dean/Barry era,” Henderson said in this tweet: Noticing a common thread? It is imperative…

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Acting Mayor of Nashville David Briley Looks Like A Man Who Hates His Job in News Channel 5 Interview

Acting Mayor David Briley appeared sullen and disengaged on NewsChannel5’s ‘Inside Politics’ with Political Analyst Pat Nolan Sunday in his interview to recap the State of the Metro address and attendant budget issues. To his credit, Inside Politics host Nolan started off the half-hour interview on what should have been a heartwarming…

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Culture of Corruption: ‘No-Bid’ Bond Sales Contracts Given to Firm That Employed Son of Metro Nashville COO Rich Riebeling

Riebeling and Briley

The culture of corruption that has permeated Metro Nashville Government for years revolves around Chief Operating Officer Rich Riebeling, the man who appears to be in control of all the reins of power, while Acting Mayor David Briley joylessly slogs through the ceremonial duties of his temporary job. On Monday,…

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Acting Mayor Briley ‘Doesn’t Have Any Comment’ on Carol Swain’s Call for Resignation of Rich Riebeling, Metro Nashville Official at Center of Financial Scandals

Rich Riebeling w Acting Mayor Briley

Acting Mayor of Nashville David Briley has no comment on election day rival Carol Swain’s call for Metro Nashville Government’s Chief Operating Officer Rich Riebeling to resign. “Mayor Briley doesn’t have any comment,” a spokesperson for the mayor’s office told The Tennessee Star late Sunday in response to a request for…

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Erica Gilmore Blasts Acting Mayor David Briley’s Metro Nashville Budget Proposal for 2019

Erica Gilmore runs for Nashville Mayor

At-large Metro Council Member Erica Gilmore took the gloves off Friday and blasted Acting Mayor David Briley’s Metro Nashville budget proposal for 2019. Gilmore, who is among the top tier of candidates challenging Briley in the May 24 special election in which voters will select a permanent mayor to serve…

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