See How Tennessee Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker Voted on the Pelosi-Schumer-Trump Debt Ceiling Deal

Senate lawmakers voted Thursday afternoon to advance a bill that would provide emergency relief funding to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and would temporarily raise the debt ceiling and fund the government through mid-December. Lawmakers voted 80-17 in favor of sending the bill back to the House for renegotiations. The…

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Paul Ryan: Congress Will Miss September Deadline to Pass FY 2018 Budget, Will Rely on Stop-Gap Funding

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said Thursday that Congress will blow past the Sept. 30 deadline for approving new funding for 2018, saying the government will need to operate off stop-gap spending for several months. Mr. Ryan also insisted Congress will meet its deadline to raise the federal government’s borrowing…

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State Revenues in Month of May Exceed Budget By $53.1 Million; Year-To-Date Surplus Now at $677 Million

Department of Finance and Administration Commissioner Larry Martin reported this week that May revenues exceeded the month’s budget of $1 billion by $53.1 million.  That makes nine out of ten months in the 2016-17 accrual year where collections exceeded the budget and the prior year’s collections. Year-to-date over collection of taxes…

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State Rep. Judd Matheny: ‘If Everybody Does Stand Together, Government Has to Come Down to Our Level’

  MOUNT JULIET, Tennessee — At the Wilson County Conservative Republicans meeting Saturday, guest speaker Rep. Judd Matheny (R-Tullahoma) said of the battle over the 2018 state budget, “If everybody does stand together, government has to come down to our level.” Matheny was referring to the stand-off that occurred in…

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Commentary: Finance Chair State Rep. Charles Sargent Misrepresented Copeland Cap on House Floor in Budget Debate

  During his presentation of the budget bills during the House floor session Friday State Representative and Chairman of the House Finance, Ways & Means Committee, Charles Sargent (R-Franklin) misrepresented the Copeland Cap constitutional amendment several times. Charles Sargent has served in the Tennessee House since 1997, became a member…

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Chaos at the Capitol: Democrats’ Quid Pro Quo Education Money for Gas Tax Votes Passes, But Budget in Limbo

Tennessee Star

Thursday on the House floor, between recesses where Republicans were presumably working out their differences over parts of the budget, and working their way through a pile of amendments to HB511, Democrat Rep. Craig Fitzhugh, the House Minority Leader, went to bat for a third time to secure a pot…

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