Cha-Ching! Metro Nashville Council Members Want to Hike Property Tax Rate by 16 Percent

Nashville property owners may be carrying lighter wallets soon as some members of the council want to raise property tax rates by 50 cents. Councilman Bob Mendes has proposed the tax hike as a way to pay for government employee cost-of-living raises and for schools and make up a budget shortfall,…

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Swain Blasts Acting Mayor Briley: He ‘Mismanaged Funds in Times of Plenty,’ His Budget Is ‘Dependent on Property Sales That Don’t Have Council Approval’

Mayoral candidate Carol Swain came out swinging on Tuesday against Acting Mayor David Briley’s last minute proposal to come up with an extra $38 million shortfall in his proposed 2019 Metro Nashville budget by selling three existing properties currently owned by the Metro Nashville Davidson County Government. Swain’s campaign issued…

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Carol Swain Calls on Acting Mayor Briley to Fire Metro Nashville COO Rich Riebeling ‘For Misappropriation of Funds’

Mayoral candidate Carol Swain called on Acting Mayor David Briley to “terminate Metro Chief Operating Officer Rich Riebeling for misappropration of funds” in a statement released by her campaign on Tuesday. “Today, I am calling for acting Mayor David Briley to terminate Metro COO Rich Riebeling for misappropriation of funds….

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Acting Mayor Briley ‘Doesn’t Have Any Comment’ on Carol Swain’s Call for Resignation of Rich Riebeling, Metro Nashville Official at Center of Financial Scandals

Rich Riebeling w Acting Mayor Briley

Acting Mayor of Nashville David Briley has no comment on election day rival Carol Swain’s call for Metro Nashville Government’s Chief Operating Officer Rich Riebeling to resign. “Mayor Briley doesn’t have any comment,” a spokesperson for the mayor’s office told The Tennessee Star late Sunday in response to a request for…

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Erica Gilmore Blasts Acting Mayor David Briley’s Metro Nashville Budget Proposal for 2019

Erica Gilmore runs for Nashville Mayor

At-large Metro Council Member Erica Gilmore took the gloves off Friday and blasted Acting Mayor David Briley’s Metro Nashville budget proposal for 2019. Gilmore, who is among the top tier of candidates challenging Briley in the May 24 special election in which voters will select a permanent mayor to serve…

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Mayoral Candidate Carol Swain Calls For Immediate Resignation of Metro Nashville Chief Operating Officer Rich Riebeling After $7 Million Funding Scandal

Mayoral candidate Carol Swain called for the immediate resignation of Metro Nashville Chief Operating Officer Rich Riebeling on Friday. Earlier in the day, WSMV broke the story that Metro Nashville Government used $7 million in federal funding received in 2010 and 2011 that was supposed to be dedicated to flood…

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Early Voting Begins Today in Nashville’s Special Mayoral Election

Early voting in Nashville’s special mayoral election began today, just three days after residents of Nashville/Davidson County went to the polls and defeated the $9 billion Nashville transit plan, 64 percent to 36 percent. Taxpayers will spend an extra $2 million on the May 24 special mayoral election, thanks to…

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Weak and Wounded, Acting Mayor David Briley Big Loser in Nashville Transit Plan Blowout

Acting Mayor of Nashville David Briley’s aura of inevitability came to a sudden and devastating end Tuesday night when voters soundly rejected the $9 billion transit plan he championed to the bitter end by a 64 percent to 36 percent margin. The man who less than two months ago had…

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Nashville Transit Plan Opponent and Mayoral Candidate Carol Swain Big Winner After Voters Reject ‘Barry-Briley Boondoggle’

Carol Swain - anti-Transit Victory

NASHVILLE, Tennessee–Nashville Transit Plan opponent and mayoral candidate Carol Swain emerged the big winner Monday night as voters rejected the $9 billion plan she called “the Barry-Briley boondoggle.” Swain addressed an enthusiastic crowd of more than 100 supporters who attended the Victory Celebration for opponents of the plan hosted by…

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Conservative Talker Dennis Prager Endorses Carol Swain for Nashville Mayor

On Monday, nationally syndicated radio host and PragerU Founder Dennis Prager endorsed former Vanderbilt professor Dr. Carol M. Swain for Mayor of Nashville. In a short video, Prager said of Dr. Swain and her candidacy: I’d just like to say to voters in Nashville, Tennessee, that you have a rare…

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