Christianity: The First Major Religion That Stripped the State of Its Theocratic Powers

Jesus Christ

by Cuatro Jones   When discussing the history of the West and exploring the ideas and philosophies that led up to the creation of the Magna Carta and the U.S constitution, eventually the religion of Christianity must be brought forward in the discussion. Why? Well, despite the many sins of Christians (and there are many),…

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Commentary: ‘The Bible’ Is the All-Time Bestselling Book – But Do You Know What the Next-Best-Selling Book Is?

Imitation of Christ

by Daniel Lattier   If someone asks you to name the all-time bestselling book, you’d most likely answer “The Bible.” And you’d be right. According to Guinness World Records: “Although it is impossible to obtain exact figures, there is little doubt that the Bible is the world’s best-selling and most widely…

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Apologetics Conference Brings Global Evangelists to Murfreesboro

“I don’t have enough faith to be atheist.” That statement may make atheists scratch their heads or utter a mocking remark. However, it is the focal point of Christian apologist Frank Turek’s ministry. He will share his arguments for Christianity at the Defending Truth Apologetics Conference on Nov. 4 at…

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Letter to the Editor: Don’t Let America Become Like Soviet Russia


  Dear Tennessee Star, My name is Florin. I am married, father of six and  a strong conservative Christian. I am this way for my own and personal salvation and my love for God. Thirty years ago I’ve escaped from the former Soviet  regime where Christians were persecuted and killed.…

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Franklin Graham Warns Clarksville Gathering About Compromised Christianity

  Our country is in trouble, and so are our churches. That was the message Franklin Graham delivered Thursday evening in Clarksville. He pulled no punches in describing how Christians have compromised with a corrupt culture instead of adhering to Scripture and being a godly influence. A pilot for many…

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Commentary: What Happens to Christians There Will Come Here

George Rasley, Editor The establishment Republicans like Speaker Paul Ryan and the Far-Left Soros-backed open borders crowd would like Americans to believe that unlimited unvetted immigration from Muslim countries has no negative consequences. Indeed, when confronted with the opportunity to support President Trump’s efforts to limit immigration from Syria…

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