Blackburn Likens Bredesen to Obama, Suggests He’ll ‘Vote With Crying Chuck Schumer’ in Washington

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN-07) is starting to take the gloves off in her attacks on liberal Democrat opponent Phil Bredesen, comparing him to Obama as far as policy, and suggesting he’d “vote with crying Chuck Schumer” in opposition to President Trump if he gets to Washington as a US Senator…

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Tennessee GOP Slams ‘Two Faced’ Phil Bredesen for Taking Big Bucks From Chuck Schumer

Phil Bredesen, Chuck Schumer

The Tennessee Republican Party has already smacked Democrat Phil Bredesen for being “personally courted” to run for the US Senate by New York Democrat Chuck Schumer, now they’re going after Bredesen, with the help of the Washington Post, by pointing out that Schumer is “backing up the money truck to…

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Commentary: Chuck Schumer Lied and the Filibuster for Supreme Court Nominees Died


  by Jeffrey A. Rendall One could almost sense an audible rumbling sound as the roll was called in the Senate at about half past noon (EDT) on Thursday, with the fate of the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees precariously hanging in the balance. When the votes were tallied the…

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