Due Process Rights Could Make a Comeback in Tennessee Thanks to Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill

Americans pride themselves on a commitment to due process rights. We hold criminal defendants “innocent until proven guilty,” and believe that everyone should have his day in court. Yet, thanks to civil forfeiture laws, many innocent people have had their cash and property seized without ever being charged with a…

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Even After Case Dismissed by Judge, Police Refuse to Release Alabama Business’ Merchandise to Owner

Frank Ranelli owns a small computer repair shop in Ensley, Ala., a suburb of Birmingham. In addition to repairing customers’ laptops on site, he also offers a few computers and other electronics for sale. Ranelli was working at his store one morning in 2010 when nearly two dozen police officers…

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Constitution Series: Civil Asset Forfeiture and the Fourth Amendment

Tennessee Star

    This is the tenth of twenty-five weekly articles in The Tennessee Star’s Constitution Series. Students in grades 8 through 12 can sign up here to participate in The Tennessee Star’s Constitution Bee, which will be held on September 23. The Bill of Rights–the first ten amendments to the…

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