Nashville Metro Council Member Angie Henderson Calls on Acting Mayor David Briley to ‘Break Cleanly from Hidden Deals of Dean/Barry Era’

On Saturday, Nashville Metro Council Member Angie Henderson (District 34) called on Acting Mayor David Briley to “restore trust in Government ASAP before May 24 election.” “He should break cleanly from the hidden deals/arrangements of the Dean/Barry era,” Henderson said in this tweet: Noticing a common thread? It is imperative…

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Transit Plan Early Voting Ends, Opponents Make Final Push For Election Day

Early voting on Nashville’s light rail transit plan ended Thursday, April 26, but one group advocating for alternative transit planning is making a final push for Election Day. There is one more opportunity to vote on the transit plan as Election Day is Tuesday, May 1. In a newsletter Thursday,…

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Nashville Metro Council Rejects Measure To Reduce Lifetime Health Benefits For Council Members

  A Metro Council committee rejected a measure last week to reduce Metro’s generous subsidy offered as part of lifetime health benefits to council members. Councilman Bob Mendes recommended to the Budget and Finance Committee that the subsidy be reduced from 75 percent to 25 percent of premium costs, bringing…

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