Commentary: Democrats in Disarray Over Pelosi and Party’s Future

Tennessee Star

Just days after their Party received a crushing blow in a special election for Georgia’s Sixth district, Democratic lawmakers struggled to agree on a way forward to repair their party’s electoral fortunes. On the Sunday shows, Democratic members of Congress particularly clashed over whether House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi should…

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Jon Ossoff’s Defeat in Georgia Special Election Puts Democrats at Loss

ATLANTA | After losing another special election that party leaders had hoped would signal a rebuke of the Trump presidency, Democrats on Wednesday cast about for someone or something to blame: from Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the House Democrats, to ill-managed campaigns to candidates who were too liberal –…

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Bill Clinton Pollster Says Democrats Have a Demographic Problem: Working-Class Americans

Long-time Clinton pollster Stanley Greenberg has news for Democrats: You don’t have a “white-working class problem”; You have a “working-class problem.” Greenburg is urging the Democratic Party to get serious about addressing its problem with all working-class Americans, defined as those without a college degree. “The fact is that Democrats…

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Camille Paglia: Democrats in ‘Nationwide Orgy of Rage and Spite’ over Donald Trump

Renowned feminist Camille Paglia says the Democratic Party’s leaders are in “a nationwide orgy of rage and spite” that prevents them from connecting with millions of potential voters. In a wide-ranging interview with The Weekly Standard, the author and professor, who supported Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders in the 2016 primary…

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Commentary: Democrats and GOP ‘Centrists’ Vie for Title of Lead Trump Obstructionists

  by Jeffrey A. Rendall With all the noise Democrats have made since Donald Trump first won the Republican presidential nomination and then pierced the “blue wall” to prevail in last November’s election, you would think the new president’s most dangerous adversaries reside far outside his own Republican Party circles….

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Commentary: Why Chasing Ghosts in the Trump/Russia Affair Will Cost Democrats Dearly

  By Jeffrey A. Rendall It’s a sad sign of the times that it took something like the Manchester terrorist attack the other night to temporarily drag the public’s mind away from the Democrats’ reoccurring Russia-Trump collusion fixation, but it certainly won’t be long before the focus-challenged media returns to…

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