Representative Ron DeSantis: Congress Ready to Hold FBI, DOJ Officials in Contempt for Noncompliance

Rep. Ron DeSantis said Monday that Congress is prepared to hold members of the FBI and Justice Department in contempt for not complying with requests related to the Trump-Russia investigation. “Devin Nunes has been trying to get this information from DOJ and the FBI for months and they’ve stonewalled every…

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Commentary: Is Today’s American Intelligence Community Trustworthy?

by Printus LeBlanc   Since President Trump took office, there have been multiple reports of friction between the President and the Intelligence Community (IC). This is disconcerting because the President needs the community especially in the tough times we are currently facing, North Korea, Iran, and terrorism. If the people…

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‘Lock Her Up’ Reboot: Trump Calls For DOJ to Reopen Hillary Case

President Donald Trump on Monday took to Twitter to call for reopening the criminal investigation into 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information. In doing so, the president took shots at his own attorney general and at Congressional committees investigating Russian interference into the 2016 campaign. “So why…

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Trump Choice to Lead DOJ’s Civil Rights Division Draws Ire of Liberals

Tennessee Star

The White House nominated Washington labor lawyer Eric Dreiband as an assistant attorney general to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division – a choice eliciting anger from liberal advocacy groups. Organizations like the ACLU and the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, which is headed by Mr. Dreiband’s…

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The Judicial Coup Against President Trump Proceeding As Planned

by CHQ Staff February 10, 2017 Reprinted with permission from As we predicted in our column “The Judicial Coup Against President Trump [29]” the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has left in place Federal Judge James’ Robart’s anti-constitutional order suspending President Donald Trump’s Executive Order No. 13,769 pausing immigration from seven terrorist hotspots. The Executive Order…

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Commentary: Trump Finally Gets His Attorney General

Newly-minted Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions was officially sworn in as the next attorney general of the United States during a ceremony inside the Oval Office Thursday morning. President Donald Trump used the moment to reiterate that Sessions was a man of “integrity and principle,” and someone who has “devoted his life…

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Critics: Whacky 9th District Court of Appeals Ignore Basic Legal Principals, Side with Open Borders Zealots

Thursday evening, America’s dinner hour was interrupted by an unsavory display of jurist malpractice as the 9th District Court of Appeals once again lived up to its reputation as the Most Incompetent Court in the nation. The Court ruled 3-0 to DENY the Trump Administration’s pleading to stay the lower…

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