The Latest SAT Is Apparently A ‘Marketing Ploy Designed To Sell More Tests’

A test accuracy group called the latest SAT a “marketing ploy designed to sell more tests” on Monday. The National Center for Fair & Open Testing (FairTest) alleged this after College Board, the organization responsible for creating and administering the test, said that 2017 SAT scores “can’t be compared to…

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Registration is Open for the Tennessee Star Constitution Bee in Williamson County on April 28

Tennessee Star - Constitution Series

  The Tennessee Star Constitution Bee is open for registration!   If you have a secondary school-level student enrolled in a public or private school, or an accredited homeschool program, they are eligible to participate in this original, one-day event to be held Saturday, April 28, 2018. “September 17, 2017…

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Conexion Americas Led Coalition, With Randy Boyd’s Non-Profit as a ‘State Partner,’ Says Students Here Illegally Deserve ‘Educational Equity’

  Conexion Americas, the convener and leading member of the Tennessee Educational Equity Coalition (TEEC), has issued a letter to Sens. Alexander and Corker asking them to continue Obama’s administrative bypass of Congress that unilaterally created the questionable DACA program. Gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd’s education non-profit Complete Tennessee, on which Conexion Americas’ founder…

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Commentary: Is Culture Still Relevant?

The United States is a diverse country, racially and ethnically, as well as in how people choose to organize themselves socially and politically. It can be argued that our public schools are integrally situated to communicate society’s values, such as individual responsibility, patriotism, integrity, objectivity, justice, respect for others, being on time, doing a good job, working well with others, being a good citizen, and exercising democracy in government and other interactions. Americans have thus far kept our republic, and created it to be resilient and strong. However, the United States will remain free only with relentless vigilance and public engagement, which must be transmitted in our culture.

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Education Scholar: 3 Most Frequently Assigned College Common Readings Are About Racism

The three most frequently assigned common readings for incoming freshmen at American colleges are all “about African Americans suffering from American racism,” according to a study discussed Thursday by an education scholar. David Randall, Director of Communications for the National Association for Scholars, gave a lecture entitled “Beach Books: How…

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Commentary: Changing the Trajectory

Our economy goes hand in hand with quality education. A strong educational system is essential not only to the successful functioning of a democracy, but also to its very future.

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Letter to the Editor: Mandatory Union Dues Fund Leftist Causes at the Expense of Conservative Union Members

Tennessee Star

  Dear Tennessee Star, It really is simple the more members who pay union dues affords greater political clout for that union and feed the union bureaucracy. Most people still have a lot to learn about unions, especially in education. Many have likened unions to being an ATM to left-wing…

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