JC Bowman Commentary: Supreme Court Case Janus v. AFSCME

People shouldn’t be forced to surrender their First Amendment right to decide for themselves what organizations they support just because they decide to work for the state, their local government or a public school.

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Trump Takes on Biased Late-Night TV Hosts

In early Saturday morning tweets, President Donald Trump set his sights on left-leaning late-night television hosts. Comedians such as , and have increasingly made headlines for their political monologues and jokes directed at none other than the president of the United States Trump said the hosts were “always anti-Trump,” and…

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Letter to the Editor: NFL Athletes Have a Right to Protest, I Have a Right to Never Watch the NFL Again

Tennessee Star

Dear Tennessee Star, I spent ten years serving this nation in uniform. My dad served four years when he was young. My son retired from the Air Force, serving honorably with multiple tours in the Middle East. I have friends who made careers serving in the military. One in particular…

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Constitution Series: The First Amendment

Tennessee Star - Constitution Series

    This is the sixth of twenty-five weekly articles in The Tennessee Star’s Constitution Series. Students in grades 8 through 12 can sign up here to participate in The Tennessee Star’s Constitution Bee, which will be held on September 23. The First Amendment was passed by Congress September 25, 1789,…

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