The ‘Aha Moment’ at the Tennessee General Assembly This Year

The idea of a citizen-legislator has gone by the wayside and been replaced by the career politician. Unless there is more transparency and inclusion, there may well be a demand for change in leadership. For certain in 2019 there will be great change, and quite possibly the “drain the swamp” echo from 2016 will filter down to state politics in 2018. It may be time for the state to consider term limits.

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Commentary: Tennessee Is the Patron State of Fake Fiscal Notes

  by John Harris In the movie Shooter, Mark Wahlberg, who is playing a retired sniper, refers to Tennessee as the “patron state of shootin’ stuff.” Some Tennesseans smiled and said, “Yep”! Our volunteer spirit, patriotism, sacrifices in war, and culture of owning and enjoying firearms is a generational right…

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