Bredesen Supporter Michael Bloomberg Called for Targeted Denial of Minorities’ Second Amendment Rights

Last week Tennessee Democratic Party Senate Candidate Phil Bredesen attended a fundraiser in New York City at the home of former New York City Mayor and potential 2020 presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg.  Despite his claims that he supports the Second Amendment, Bredesen has received a D rating from the NRA…

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Tennessee Democrats’ Favorite Spokesman Mark Brown Calls Gun Owners ‘Biggest Terrorist Organization’

Tennessee Democratic Party spokesman Mark Brown is under fire once again, this time for calling American gun owners the “biggest terrorist organization on the planet.” Fox News reported on Brown’s 2015 Facebook post making that statement. A video of the report is available here. The Fox News report was based on…

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Bredesen, Who Says He Is ‘Not With the Dems’ On Gun Control, Was with Gun Control Advocate Michael Bloomberg at Posh New York Fundraiser

Phil Bredesen, the Democrats’ U.S. Senate candidate in Tennessee, who claimed recently he was “not with the Dems” on gun control, on Tuesday was in fact with the Dems in New York, including gun-control advocate billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Video of the two men entering the venue separately is available here.…

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Bredesen Claims ‘Not With Dems’ on Gun Control Before Bloomberg Fundraiser

On issues Tennesseans care about, Phil Bredesen likes to have it both ways, The Tennessee Republican Party said. The organization pointed to the National Rifle Association’s criticism of the U.S. Senate candidate for claiming he has an “A” rating, when that endorsement comes from 2002. His current score is a…

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Bredesen, Bloomberg ‘Two Peas in a Pod,’ GOP Says

New York native Phil Bredesen is at it again. Just two weeks ago the National Rifle Association chastised him for claiming an endorsement that was over a decade-and-a-half old. Now he is buddying up to perhaps the nation’s richest anti-gun advocate, Mike Bloomberg. The former Tennessee governor has a “D,”…

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Billionaire Gun Control Advocate Bloomberg to Host High Dollar Manhattan Fundraiser for Bredesen

Former New York Mayor and gun control advocate Mike Bloomberg will host a fundraiser at his Manhattan home next Tuesday for Tennessee Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen, CNBC reported. The involvement by billionaire Bloomberg is likely to increase scrutiny on one of the tightest races in the midterm elections, as…

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Mike Lee Commentary: Why I Objected to a Bill That Would Ban 3D Gun Designs

Mike Lee

by Senator Mike Lee (R-UT)   Last Tuesday, President Donald Trump tweeted, “I am looking into 3-D Plastic Guns being sold to the public. Already spoke to NRA, doesn’t seem to make much sense!” The White House has not offered any clarification on what exactly Trump’s tweet meant, but if…

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Thousands Shut Down Major Chicago Highway In The Name Of Gun Control

Shut Down the Dan Ryan protest

by Molly Prince   A major thoroughfare in Chicago was shut down on Saturday after thousands of anti-gun protestors overtook the highway, refusing to let any vehicles pass. The demonstration was organized to bring awareness to the city’s joblessness, high poverty rate, poor education system, skyrocketing crime and was demanding…

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Correcting the Media Misinformation About Arming Teachers

armed teachers

by James D. Agresti   Misinformation can be deadly, especially when it comes to issues like school shootings. This is because it can build support for policies that increase fatalities and generate opposition to reforms that can save lives. Despite these high stakes, a wide array of media outlets have…

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