The Heartbeat Report Bill Passes in The Tennessee House

NASHVILLE, Tennessee –House Bill 0108, the Heartbeat Report Bill, passed in the Tennessee House of Representatives on Monday by a vote of 74 to 20. “As amended, the Heartbeat Report Bill would require that the post-abortion report indicate the presence or absence of a heartbeat, would require that the Department of…

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State Rep. Jimmy Matlock Files Bill To End Taxpayer Assistance of Abortion Clinics

NASHVILLE – In a press conference held the same day he filed a bill to put an end to Tennessee taxpayer dollars funding abortion clinics, State Rep. Jimmy Matlock (R-Lenoir City) appeared with Senate sponsor Mike Bell (R-Riceville), and debunked the narrative that Tennessee abortion providers are fully defunded. “The…

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Heartbeat Bill That Gives Pregnant Women More Choice Passes Through House Subcommittee

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – The Heartbeat Bill passed through the House Health Subcommittee on Wednesday and is headed for the full House Health Committee.  The bill has been under consideration in the Tennessee General Assembly for more than a year, The bill, which has seen its share of challenges, along with…

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Despite Strong National Pro-Life Sentiment, Heartbeat Bill May Be Killed in Tennessee General Assembly Committees

Fetus on Health

A recent poll reveals that the majority of Americans consider abortion to be morally wrong and even those who identify as pro-choice want stricter limits on abortion. However, the Heartbeat Bill under consideration in the current session of the Tennessee General Assembly may never make it to the floor for…

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Bills to Watch in the 2018 Session of the Tennessee General Assembly

As the second half of the 110th Tennessee General Assembly gets underway, many committees are in the hearing and organization meeting mode awaiting bills to review. There were several interesting bills scheduled for the House Civil Justice Subcommittee Wednesday, but most were “taken off notice” by the respective bill sponsor,…

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Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen Accuses Conservative Pro-Life Black Woman of ‘Ignorance’ in Abortion Debate Over Heartbeat Bill

Steve Cohen

U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN-9) on Wednesday accused an African-American conservative activist who testified about abortion’s harmful effects on the black community of “ignorance” with respect to the sincerity of his positions on social problems and an “inability” to appropriately address Congress. The tense exchange came during a hearing in…

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