Legislators Raise the Stakes for Illegal Aliens in Tennessee

During Tennessee’s 2017 legislative session, Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris (R-Collierville) and freshman Representative Ron Gant (R-Rossville), sponsored a bill that allows judges to “enhance,” or increase the usual sentence for a criminal conviction when the person is also an illegal alien. The bill was passed 28 -3 in the…

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Metro Council Ordinance Will Protect Illegal Aliens Who Violate State Law by Driving Without a License

Metro Nashville Legal Director confirmed today that the proposed sanctuary city ordinance BL2017-739 cannot stop the sheriff from turning illegal aliens over to ICE after they’ve been arrested. However, for illegal aliens living in Nashville who open borders advocates claim are¬†forced to break Tennessee’s driver licensing law, the ordinance could…

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Nashville Metro Councilmen Collude with TIRRC to Shield Criminal Aliens

Tennessee Star

  Claiming that their bills do not conflict with federal or state immigration statutes, Metro Council members Colby Sledge and Bob Mendes have introduced two sanctuary city bills that will help shield criminal and non-criminal illegal aliens in Nashville. The Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC), whose co-director Lindsey…

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DHS Nabs 680 Illegal Aliens in First Major Raids of Trump Era

Homeland Security netted more than 680 immigrants in a new series of raids, Secretary John F. Kelly said Monday, saying they were standard enforcement actions that generally nabbed serious criminals. Three quarters of those arrested in the raids – the first major announced action under President Trump – had criminal…

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