Tennessee Legislators Continue to Deny Voters Right to Elect State’s Attorney General

State Sen. Ken Yager

The Republican dominated General Assembly has already moved the appointment of judges to the Governor and if they have their way this legislative session, they will continue to keep the selection of the state’s chief law enforcement officer out of the reach of Tennessee voters as well. Forty-three states elect…

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State Rep. Mark White Continues to Mislead Legislators on His In-State Tuition Bills

Up for a fourth try to award a statutorily classified “state or local public benefit” to illegal immigrants in Tennessee, Rep. Mark White continues to tell his legislator colleagues that his bill is about education and not immigration even though the state law White needs to change was “based on Congress’s…

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Commentary: How To Make Nancy Pelosi Speaker Of The House

by CHQ Staff   Multiple establishment media outlets are reporting that White House officials have told key Republican leaders on Capitol Hill that President Trump is open to cutting a deal in an upcoming spending bill to protect young immigrants from deportation in exchange for border wall funding, according to…

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GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Randy Boyd Still Retains Appointment to Obama-Created Board Helping Illegal Immigrants Get Free College Education

GOP gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd says he opposes giving illegal immigrants access to the in-state four-year college tuition rate, but is still listed as serving on Obama’s College Promise Campaign board which is working to make state community college scholarships like the Tennessee Promise, available to illegal immigrant students. Almost…

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Diane Black on In-State Tuition Bill: ‘I Would Veto It’

Diane Black Would Veto in-state tuition benefits for illegal immigrant students

Gubernatorial front-runner Diane Black unequivocally rejected the current efforts underway in the legislature to grant in-state tuition benefits to illegal immigrant students. “I have said many times that if the state legislature were to pass a bill providing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, I would veto it. In-state tuition is…

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Education Subcommittee Passes In-State Tuition for Illegals Bill That Dismantles Public Benefits Law on Voice Vote with No Discussion

The Education Subcommittee of the Tennessee House of Representatives passed State Rep. Mark White’s (R-Memphis)  bill granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrant students in Tennessee on a voice vote Tuesday afternoon. With the exception of State Rep. Dawn White’s (R-Murfreesboro) strongly worded statement opposing White’s bill, no discussion was had by…

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Off the Record: In-State Tuition Bill for Illegal Immigrants Must Be in Trouble – Haslam’s Former Chief of Staff to the Rescue?

Remember the first time two Republican legislators filed a bill to give illegal immigrants taxpayer subsidized in-state tuition and when it didn’t pass, House member Richard Floyd started crying? Remember the second time two Republican legislators filed a bill to give illegal immigrants taxpayer subsidized in-state tuition? And Governor Haslam,…

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Sanctuary Cities Bill Set to Be Heard in Tennessee’s State and Local Government Committee

A bill aimed to strengthen state laws barring municipalities from ignoring state and federal laws in order to aid, abet, and otherwise shield illegal aliens from federal law enforcement agencies will be heard in the State and Local Government Committee Tuesday morning. “Sanctuary cities are illegal and dangerous, and it’s time…

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State Rep. Mark White Breaks Promise to Committee Chairman on In-State Tuition Bill

Last year, State Rep. Mark White (R-Memphis) gave his word to House Education chairman Harry Brooks that he would not try to change state law that currently says taxpayer subsidized in-state tuition is a state benefit. White made that promise with regard to his bill HB660 which removed in-state tuition…

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