Called Out: NPR Reporter Rips Apart AP’s Story On Immigrants In The Military

US Army

by Neetu Chandak   National Public Radio reporter Tim Mak took apart the Associated Press’s coverage of discharged immigrant military recruits in multiple tweets Friday. The AP’s article, “AP NewsBreak: US Army quietly discharging immigrant recruits,” framed the military as adopting policy changes that hurt immigrants, according to Mak. However, Mak criticized the AP…

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EU Standoff with Eastern Europeans Over Immigration Escalates


Poland doubled down hard on its anti-open borders stance last week, as the E.U. levelled threats at the Czech Republic, yet another Eastern European country refusing to embrace mass Muslim migration. On Thursday, Polish president Andrzej Duda promised his people a referendum on EU migration policies. “The public’s voice will…

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In Nashville, Leftist Immigration Activists Oppose Revised Travel Ban While President Trump’s Supporters Back It

The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition is condemning President Trump’s executive order issued Monday, which TIRRC is calling “Muslim Ban 2.0.” The revised executive order, which revokes an executive order from January 27,  places a temporary 90-day ban on immigration from residents of six Middle Eastern countries (Syria, Sudan,…

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‘Day Without Immigrants’ Not For Everybody in Nashville

Stay open or close? The managers at Fresh and Fresh International Market went back and forth before deciding they’d stay open on the “Day Without Immigrants.” It was business as usual Thursday at the Nolensville Road market, despite nationwide protests that saw many ethnic stores and restaurants close to protest…

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