Commentary: How To Make Nancy Pelosi Speaker Of The House

by CHQ Staff   Multiple establishment media outlets are reporting that White House officials have told key Republican leaders on Capitol Hill that President Trump is open to cutting a deal in an upcoming spending bill to protect young immigrants from deportation in exchange for border wall funding, according to…

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Trump Administration Strikes Multiple Deportation Deals; What’s in Them?

The Trump administration reports it has succeeded in reducing the number of countries that refuse to accept citizens deported from the United States. The administration says more than a dozen countries have been removed from the “recalcitrant” list. That opens the path for deportations to begin for some of the…

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Promise Kept: President Trump Creates ‘National Vetting Center’

President Trump signed a National Security Presidential Memorandum Tuesday, establishing a National Vetting Center (NVC) to, according to a White House statement, “coordinate the efforts of departments and agencies to better identify individuals seeking to enter the country who present a threat to national security, border security, homeland security, or…

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