Vanderbilt University Student Newspaper Says Christopher Columbus Was Worse Than Serial Killers

The editorial board of the Vanderbilt University student newspaper wrote an opinion piece Wednesday criticizing the school for not doing enough to denounce Columbus Day, which was Monday. The editorial described Christopher Columbus as being worse than notorious American serial killers. Nashville Mayor Megan Barry issued a proclamation urging people to celebrate…

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Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Urges Recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Ignores Columbus

Today is Columbus Day, but not for Nashville Mayor Megan Barry. Barry issued a proclamation urging recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day. The proclamation is similar to the non-binding resolution passed by Metro Council last week. “Today we reflect upon the historic and ongoing struggles of Indigenous Peoples while celebrating their culture and…

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Nashville Metro Council Encourages Recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Columbus Day

Nashville’s Metro Council on Tuesday passed a resolution urging businesses, organizations and public entities to from now on recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day on the second Monday of October, most often recognized as Columbus Day. The non-binding resolution passed 26-5. It was sponsored by council members Brett Withers, Fabian Bedne, Nancy…

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