Donald Trump’s DOJ Won’t Pursue Charges Against Lois Lerner, Former IRS Senior Executive

Donald Trump’s DOJ won’t pursue charges against Lois Lerner, former IRS senior executive The Trump Justice Department has once again cleared former IRS senior executive Lois G. Lerner of criminal liability stemming from the tea party targeting. In a letter to top Republicans, Assistant Attorney General Stephen E. Boyd said…

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President Trump Launches Tax Overhaul Initiative, Calls on Congress to Support ‘The American Model’

  President Donald Trump traveled to Springfield, Missouri Wednesday to begin, in earnest, his bid to overhaul the leviathan that is the US Tax Code. “We’re here today to launch our plans to bring back Main Street by reducing the crushing tax burden on our companies and on our workers,…

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Before Lois Lerner Targeted the Tea Party, She Helped the Clinton Foundation

Six years before she became the central figure in the IRS’s illegal targeting of Tea Party tax-exemption applicants, Lois Lerner cleared the way for the Clinton Foundation’s transformation from building a presidential library to being a $2 billion global political influence peddling machine, according to documents obtained by The Daily…

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