South Korea Seizes Hong Kong-flagged Ship Suspected of Sending Oil to North Korea

South Korea’s foreign ministry says the country has seized a Hong Kong-flagged ship that transferred oil to a North Korean vessel in international waters despite United Nations Security Council sanctions. Yonhap, the South Korean news agency, reports South Korean custom officials say the Lighthouse Winmore vessel transferred “600 tons of…

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President Donald Trump Calls China President Xi Jinping Over North Korea’s Missile Test

President Trump urged China’s president in a phone call Wednesday to use “all available levers” to pressure North Korea to halt its “provocations,” a day after Pyongyang tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile. Mr. Trump emphasized to Chinese President Xi Jinping “the determination of the United States to defend ourselves…

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James Mattis Walks Out Onto Kim Jong Un’s Doorstep to Deliver a Message

Standing in the tense demilitarized zone dividing North Korea and South Korea, U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis said America isn’t looking for a fight, but is ready for one. “Our goal is not war,” Mattis said Friday of the nuclear missile threat from North Korea under dictator Kim Jong Un,…

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