Marsha Blackburn Takes Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Task for Censoring ‘Diamond and Silk’

Conservatives have complained for years about being censored by Facebook, but the Silicon Valley giant may have gone too far by blocking Diamond and Silk. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Wednesday that his company had moved to correct what he described as an “enforcement error” after the popular social media…

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‘My Mistake’: Key Zuckerberg Quotes in Senate Facebook Grilling

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg appeared before US lawmakers Tuesday to apologize for how his company has handled the growing furor over online privacy, to promise change, and explain the social media giant’s policies. The wide-ranging questions — including about Cambridge Analytica, which used data scraped from 87 million Facebook users…

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Commentary: Does Anyone Really Think Mark Zuckerberg Could Challenge Trump in 2020?

  by Jeffrey A. Rendall   Mark Zuckerberg for president? If you’re like me, you consider the notion preposterous. Despite a barrage of worshipful media coverage in the past decade the Facebook co-founder still isn’t exactly a household name and there are no doubt tens of millions of Americans who…

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