DNC Breaks Silence On Keith Ellison Domestic Abuse Allegations

Keith Ellison

by Peter Hasson    – The DNC is “reviewing” domestic abuse allegations against Minnesota Rep. and Deputy DNC Chairman Keith Ellison.  – Ellison is accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend, Sierra Club activist Karen Monahan.  – The DNC should have suspended Ellison “at a minimum,” according to the former DNC communications…

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Turnout in Minnesota, Wisconsin Primary Elections at a Twenty-Year High

voters polling place

Reuters   Voter engagement in the 2018 U.S. midterm races remains feverish, primaries in notable swing states Wisconsin and Minnesota showed on Tuesday. Both states showed sharp increases in participation as voters picked candidates for Congress, Senate and governor, with Minnesota’s turnout surpassing a two-decade high and Wisconsin’s hitting levels…

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Dept. of Homeland Security Agents Conduct Massive Worksite Raid In Two States, Arrest Business Owners For Employing Illegal Aliens

ICE arrest

by Will Racke   Federal agents conducted a multi-state worksite raid at several Midwestern agricultural businesses on Wednesday, arresting more than 100 people including owners and supervisors who allegedly conspired to employ illegal aliens at the expense of American workers. Homeland Security Investigations — the investigative arm of Immigration and…

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Study: Minnesota’s Minimum Wage Hike Cost Teenagers Thousands Of Jobs

minimum wage protest

by Tim Pearce   Minnesota’s minimum wage has cost young and low-skilled workers thousands of jobs in the fast-food restaurant sector since 2013, according to University of Wisconsin economics professor Noah Williams. Williams tracked and compared employment data in Minnesota and Wisconsin from 2014 to 2018, over which Minnesota’s minimum wage increased…

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Senator Al Franken Will Resign ‘In a Couple of Weeks’ Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Sen. Al Franken on Thursday announced he was quitting the austere upper chamber amid mounting accusations that he forcibly kissed or groped women, bowing to resignation calls from at least 32 of his fellow Senate Democrats. However, he said he was stepping down despite knowing he was not guilty of…

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Dr. Fakhruddin Attar and Wife Arrested in Michigan on Female Genital Mutilation Charges

Tennessee Star

  The FBI has identified a Female Genital Mutilation ring, where young daughters of resettled Somalis living in Minnesota take what’s called a ‘Girls Trip’ to Michigan to undergo the horrific procedure. TownHall.com’s Katie Pavlich reports: Doctor Fakhruddin Attar and wife Farida were arrested Friday near Detroit for conspiring to commit and aiding in…

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