Donald Trump Slams The New York Times as ‘Lobbyist’ for Democrats on Tax Bill

President Trump blasted The New York Times Thursday morning for serving as “a virtual lobbyist” for Democrats opposed to his tax-cut plan. “The Failing @nytimes, the pipe organ for the Democrat Party, has become a virtual lobbyist for them with regard to our massive Tax Cut Bill,” the president tweeted….

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NYTimes Editor Blasts ‘Oblivious Idiot’ Trump, ‘Horrible’ Pence in Latest Project Veritas Sting

A New York Times senior staff editor called President Trump an “oblivious idiot” and Vice President Mike Pence “horrible” and “worse than Trump” in an undercover video released Tuesday by the watchdog group Project Veritas. The video, part of an investigation into liberal media bias, shows London-based homepage editor Desiree…

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New York Times Admits the Obvious: Its Anti-Trump Bias

The snarky, anti-Trump Twitter feeds at the New York Times have finally been tamed. The Times, conceding reality, decided to update its social media policy on Friday, and posted an explanation to readers. “The new guidelines underscore our newsroom’s appreciation for the important role social media now plays in our…

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NYT Reporters on Twitter Make It Hard to Argue NYT Doesn’t Have a ‘Vendetta’ Against Trump

Journalists expressing individual opinions make it hard to convince the world that The New York Times doesn’t have a “vendetta” against President Donald Trump, The New York Times’ executive editor said Thursday. “I feel pretty strongly that New York Times journalists should not be able to say anything on social…

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Bob Woodward Chides New York Times, Mainstream Media: ‘Fair Mindedness is Essential’

Famed investigative journalist Bob Woodward criticized the media’s open bias toward President Trump on Tuesday in remarks following a screening of “All The President’s Men” in Washington, D.C. [dcquiz] Woodward, the reporter who broke the Nixon Watergate scandal the media now loves to compare to the Trump administration, said it’s…

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FAKE NEWS: NY Times Reporter Contradicts His Own Reports on Wiretapping

Tennessee Star

Jeffrey Dunetz, editor of The Lid, a conservative Washington-based blog, hit upon a glaring contradiction in NY Times reporter Michael S. Schmidt’s writings on the wiretapping of President Trump during the election period, an issue that is being hotly argued about since last weekend when the president accused the Obama…

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