Vice President Pence Outlines The Pentagon’s Four Steps For Making The Space Force Happen

Mike Pence, James Mattis

Vice President Mike Pence asked Congress to appropriate $8 billion over the next five years for President Donald Trump’s proposed Space Force, during a speech at the Pentagon Thursday morning. “As President Trump has said in his own words, it is not enough to merely have an American presence in…

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Pentagon Has Greater Autonomy and Decision-Making Authority Under President Trump

Pentagon officials are welcoming the greater autonomy and decision-making authority under President Trump, after what they say were years of Obama administration micromanaging. Within the hallways and offices of the Pentagon, top military brass and national security leaders have lauded the actions taken by the Trump administration, saying privately that…

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Commentary: The Battle to Keep the Pentagon in Democrat Hands

By: George Rasley, CHQ Editor Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis’ reputation as a warfighter is unimpeachable, but his political and personnel judgement – not so much. Almost since the day he was confirmed Mattis has engaged in guerilla war with President Trump’s White House staff to advance his…

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