Trump Stormy Daniels Affair Allegations of ‘Very Little Importance’ to the Nation, 49 Percent Say

Eight-out-of-10 Americans have heard the news of an adult film actress who says she had an alleged sexual encounter with President Trump in 2006 – a percentage which is shared almost equally between Republicans, independents and Democrats according to a new Economist/YouGov poll released Tuesday.

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$9 Billion Transit Backers Try New Poll To Fish For Support

One citizens’ group says the city and its backers are conducting yet another poll to try to show support for the Let’s Move Nashville Transit Improvement Plan. NoTax4Tracks said in a press release that at least one of its people received a polling call regarding the $9 billion transit plan…

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POLL: Large Majorities of Voters Support Cutting Immigration, Including Refugees, Plus Ending Chain Migration and the Visa Lottery

Tennessee Star

by Roy Beck A new national poll of “likely midterm voters” finds 55% of them favoring a bill that “would allow immigrants to bring in their spouse and minor children but would end migration of extended family.” Only 32% of the voters say they oppose eliminating the Chain Migration categories….

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